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Phone Number: This includes sidewalk improvements, street paving, traffic signals, storm sewers and water projects. Throughout the city, the Engineering Department ensures compliance with access and drainage requirements. The Huntington Fire Department also provides emergency services, fire prevention and education.

In addition, the Fire Department supports other county departments by offering manpower and equipment through mutual aid agreements.

The department also ensures the City is compliant with all policies and procedures, maintaining excellence in human resource services. Main Street also works with other community partners and local businesses located in the "Heart of Huntington" in order to promote the downtown district as a place to live, work and play.

The plant is capable of treating an annual average flow of 7. The expanded and upgraded facility will serve the City of Huntington for 20 years at the expected population growth rate. The project was funded entirely by a local revenue bond issue.

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Wastewater enters the plant through bar screens where coarse solids such as branches and plastics are physically removed. After screening, the influent proceeds to two detritus-type grit tanks. The grit removal process removes the heavy abrasive inorganic materials such as gravel and sand. The wastewater is then pumped by the raw wastewater screw pump station to four primary clarifiers where a portion of the suspended solids are removed.

Primary treatment is followed by secondary, biological treatment. Biological treatment at the WPCP consists of seven rotating biological contactors and six step-feed aeration basins. The biological processes utilize microorganisms that consume organic waste. Five secondary clarifiers settle suspended solids and microorganisms from the aeration basin effluent before discharging flow to the chlorine contact tank for disinfection.

Effluent from the chlorine contact tank is dechlorinated to protect aquatic life before the water is discharged to the Wabash River. Sludge from the primary clarifiers is pumped to the primary anaerobic digester where it is heated and mixed.

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Microorganisms that thrive in the anaerobic without oxygen conditions further break down organic matter contained in the sludge. Sludge from the secondary clarifiers is either returned to the aeration tanks where it is mixed with incoming wastewater or wasted to the Thickener Building. In the Thickener Building, wasted activated sludge is thickened using a dissolved air flotation thickener.

The thickened sludge is pumped to the primary anaerobic digester for further treatment.

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Digested sludge from the primary anaerobic digester is transferred to the secondary digester for further stabilization. Digested sludge, now called "biosolids," is pumped from the Digester Building to the two biosolids storage tanks. The biosolids in the storage tanks can then be pumped to the biosolids loading station, loaded into trucks, and hauled away for agricultural land application. Need further assistance? Contact us via our Customer Service Form. The Street Department is a professional team dedicated to enhancing the quality of life in Huntington and supporting the city's core values.

We are commited to providing the highest level of service to the community concerning our city's roadways. Toggle Menu. Sign up for CodeRED here. Huntington is a great place to live, work, and raise a family. Come get to know us better. Our City team is here to serve you!

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Click on link below to pay your city utility bill. Enjoy our parks Mission Statement of the City Council As a progressive city, we are dedicated to providing an effective government for the citizens of Huntington. The City of Huntington, Indiana is a community of civility and inclusion, where diversity is honored and differences are respected.

City Ordinances. Click the image above to view an interactive map of the airport. The Huntington Municipal Airport is a city-owned airport open to the public. Covering an area of acres, it has one asphalt runway.

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For airport operations and hangar rentals, contact the airport manager. Huntington Municipal Airport manages the sale of their fuel sale through Air Nav. Mission The first office created by the Constitution of the State of Indiana in The Fire Department provides hour protection to residential as well as business properties, maintaining the highest possible level of service to the community.

Liz Sanders serves as the current chairperson of the Main Street Committee. Search Search Submit. Contact Us. Fetters , Mayor.

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Boone , County Assessor. Pearson , County Recorder. Farley , Treasurer. Gray , Manager. Schenkel , Chief Deputy. City Council Member. Charles Chapman. Paul Pike. Richard Strick. Dave Funk. Joe Blomeke. Seth Marshall. At Large. Jack Slusser. City Council District Map- September Soil Scientists In Democratic-leaning Marion County, each of the four offices is held by a Democrat. Three incumbents are being challenged by Republicans. Assessor Joseph O'Connor's re-election bid is uncontested. Election You'll be asked whether to amend the Indiana Constitution at the polls.

Here's what it means. Election How provisional ballots work in Indiana. There is not necessarily an overtly partisan way to function in a job such as auditor. The Marion County auditor's office serves as an accountant for city and county agencies, distributes money to other taxing units and receives applications for property tax deductions.

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But Julie Voorhies, a Democrat running for a second term as auditor, said it is important that voters have a say over those tasks. It's critical.

We handle billions of dollars for the county. Voorhies would prefer that voters not remove her from office. She is seeking her fourth term as an elected official.

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Voorhies served as the Marion County recorder for two terms before successfully running for auditor in For example, Voorhies said, people can fill out real estate deductions and track them online. The office is digitizing the accounts payable and accounts receivable processes as well, she said. Voorhies in sued Indianapolis over Republican Mayor Greg Ballard's contract with electric car-sharing service BlueIndy, which Voorhies argued constituted an illegal payment. Ballard disputed her interpretation. Voorhies has not taken a similar action against Democratic Mayor Joe Hogsett, but said she would if the administration did something she considered to be improper.

The Lawrence native earned a bachelor's degree in international business and finance from the University of Richmond.