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The minimum age to receive a graduated, or instructional, license is 16 years.

Order Official New Brunswick Birth Certificates Online From City Of New Brunswick.

Every person who operates a motor vehicle in New Brunswick must demonstrate that they have the qualifications necessary to safely operate a motor vehicle and applicants may be required to pass an examination. A valid driver's license, for the class of vehicle being operated, is a requirement of the law.

A driver's license must always be carried when operating a vehicle and must be produced for inspection on the request of any peace officer. These services are available at all banks, trust companies and credit unions.

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Banks — www. At least one piece of identification should have your picture on it, such as your passport.

A SIN is required to work in Canada or to receive government benefits. You must also provide a primary document that proves your identity and status in Canada. It is important that documents are originals and that they are written in English or French. This site has been a huge part of my own research. Use the quick search to start.

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For instance, I typed in "Johnson, Freeman", my 2x great uncle. I got 4 possible marriages, and 3 possible deaths. His name isn't that common though, so there weren't that many hits. His father James Johnson is a much more common name. I got 22 births, 69 marriages, and 67 deaths. Now keep in mind they list results chronologically, not alphabetically, so you'll have to flip through no matter if they are James A Johnson or James R Johnson. Under the results is an advanced search option if you need to narrow things down a bit.

By clicking on "view" next to the entry, you can see a digital image of the original record. What I love is that you have the option to buy a copy of the record as well right on the site. If you're looking for a record that hasn't been transferred to the Archives, then you will have to go through Vital Statistics. These are their guidelines: Birth Certificates: They will not issue birth certificates less than years ago for genealogy.

Marriage Certificates Short form certificates do not seem to have a restriction. Long form certificates are restricted. Death Certificates. They will only issue death certificates after 20 years and if the person would be 75 years old or older.

Now, one of the great things about Service NS is that they have a link for genealogists. It explains in detail what you can and cannot apply for. Wikimedia Commons. There are various other efforts underway to make the available New Brunswick vital records accessible online. See this page for a number of links to records in various counties of New Brunswick, mostly prior to the commencement of civil registration in Johnson's New Brunswick Newspaper Vital Statistics , a work which compiles New Brunswick and area newspaper accounts of births, deaths, marriages, and moves outside the province from to You can order copies of more recent certificates i.

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The Provincial Archives also has an online, searchable database with various indices to records of interest to genealogists in it. The following relate to births, deaths, and marriages:. New Brunswick divorce records from about to approximately as of are located at the New Brunswick Provincial Archives. A partial index by name, beginning in the s, is available.

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