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Bullocks were in demand. Good wether sheep fetched 6d per lb. Pigs were rather advanced. Prices were better for all sorts of stock than they have been lately. On Monday last, a parish meeting was held at Monmouth, pursuant to a requisition addressed to the overseers, for the purpose of taking into consideration thepropnety of endeavouring to revert to the former distinct jurisdiction of the borough The interest felt on the subject was manifested by a very full attendance of parishioners but from some unex- plained circumstance, the parties who had originated the requi- sition, were not present to explain its object.

It was also dis- covered that the meeting was void, from an informality in the notice which convened A long discussion ensued on the subject, which was shared by several parishioners,which evinced great and general dissatisfaction at the result of the former abandonment of the borough jurisdiction. It appears that in the year of the Municipal Reform Bill coming into operation, the Town Council of Monmouth were of opinion that it would be advisable to auandon the borough jurisdiction but before the Council adopted that slep, it issued circulars to the bur- gesses, whICh ca!

In this appeal it was shown that retaining the former course would be the most expensive one, and accordingly the burgesses took no objection to the latter alternative. Experience, however, has disproved the calcula- tions of the Town Council's document, as for the last fiveyem the average cost of the parish of Monmouth towards the county rate has doubled the estimate and by thus increasing the pa- rochial rates, has produced great and increasing dissatisfaction. A return to a distinct jurisdiction, involves, however, several important considerations, which were urged upon the meeting by Mr.

J G George and Mr.

J Tyler, such as the following:- Has the time not expired for obtaining a return to the old sys- tem 1 Would the county magistrates consent to rent a portion of their gaol to the borough magistrates. The following reverend gentlemen officiated on the occasion:—Messrs. Morgan, of ardiff. It is said that the attendance was encoui aging. They succeeded to their hearts con- tent, last Saturday night.

A man from Dowlais having been burying the landlady of Vaynor Church Tavern, was rather far gone in drink, and, returning home. But Messrs. Poachers wanted hrst to pay a visit to the preserves of W. Crawhay, Ksq. Before Mr. Commissioner Law. The p list contained the names of fourteen insolvents, three being ad- journed cases from last hearing, and the remaining eleven were original.

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Huddelstone, on behalf f of Messrs. James and Pearce, of Bristol, and Mr. Woollett, solicitor, of Newport. At the last hearing insolvent was ordered to file an amended balance sheet against this time. He was subjected to a long J cross-examination on the state of his books, from which it ap- peared he had sold his library, and had given no account of the proceeds.

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This insolvent's case stood over from the last hearing, and he was now discharged. The insolvent was remanded for eleven months, from the date of his vesting order. He has only about a fortnight to remain in custody. The insolvent was opposed by Mr. Huddelstone, on behalf of Nle-isrs. Allfrey and Co. Hewasehargeda so with vexatiously defending an action brought against him by 1 homas Watkins. Hudddstone called Mr. William Victoiy, who stated he produced the record of an action, Watkins v. The action was pleaded to, but not de- fended on the trial. The insolvent was examined by Mr.

Peter Old, for 19s. In answer to his Honour, insolvent said his debt to Messrs. His Honour said, if that were so, Messrs. Allfrey's debt must have been reduced, and was not correctly entered in the sche. The insolvent lived in one of the houses himself, from which, there- fore, nothing was paid; and Mr. Victory suggested that his Honour should order possession of that house to be given up.

Huddelstone cross-examined the insolvent, and his Ho- nour ordered possession of the house to be given up by insolvent to Messrs. Wat- kins was appointed assignee. The insolvent was then remanded for three months, for the vexatious defence to Mr.

Watkins's action. This insolvent was remanded for six weeks. He was not op- posed, but his Honour did not consider that the schedule was satisfactory. Tallycoed Wood Ihursdayft 21 Mon. CapInn, At half. It lequires no Argus to see, by judicious management, what the town of Newport will be and though it may be necessary at present to yield to the pressure of circumstances which have been brought upon the dock, I do not for my part despair that the time will soon come when every proprietor will not have the least cause to regret the day his money was employed to suth a purpose.

I am quite sure your anxiety for such an event is much greater than mine, and that any encouragement you can give, will not be lost sight of. Should, however, these few lines be worthy a corner in your paper, be pleased to use them as such. ML, It appears your recent agitation has gone off, but that, unlike modern agitations generally, it has eventuated in some practical good. I myself am an advocate for agitation, where it can be conducted with due regard to the public tranquility, and having for its object the attainment of some specific social end.

In the present instance, gentlemen, your agitation has been char- acterised by extreme peacefulness, and the most gratifying unanimity. You have successfully assailed the stronghold of a most glaring monopoly, and your exertions will, I trust, shed increased lustre upon your cause.

Amongst the leading conspirators but who, I am happy to say, has escaped a state prosecution , I find a very estimable gen t, enan-one whose alliance has been an important adjunct to the means by which you have achieved your triumph, and to whom, I am equally happy to observe, you have paid a well- merited compliment-l mean Mr. Cox, of Bristol.

Now, gentlemen, although Mr. Cox has, no doubt, formed a very flattering appreciation of the honour conferred upon him. I suspect his felicity would be greatly enhanced by some more practical demonstration 01 your gratitude. If you take into consideration the important services he has rendered your cause —the personal inconvenience he must have been put to, and the expense necessarily incurred in coming from Bristol to attend your meeting.

It does not matter, in my mind, that Mr. Cox came unsoli- cited, or that he may possibly have felt ulteriorly interested in your measures. He has contributed largely to your success, and is entitled to fill a hIgh place in your esteem. What the memento ought to be be, I will not take upon myself to deter- mine.

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Quot homines tot sententix," is, you know an old adage but whatever you may resolve to present him with I will not be behind with my sovereign. Hoping you will follow such a glittering example. Hampden , Civil Law Dr. Philii- more , Medicine, Dr.

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Kidd , Hebrew Dr. Pusey , Greek Dr. Gaisford , and the Public Orator the Rev. Candidates must not be gra- duates in the university, or fellow or scholar of any college or whose parents are well known to be of ability to main- tain them, except they be of the kindred or name of Lord Craven. Maine, Pemb. Byers, Christ's: Hodgson, Pet. Trin Baker, Trin; Wal. He was lor many years a leading counsel oil the Western Circuit, having been called to the bar in November, , and was made a sergeant in He was considered an able lawyer in criminal matters, common law, and in questions affecting real property.

Sergeant Bompas was much reipectcd in the profession, and possessed for years, a very good practice. Walker Drummond, Bart. He had been long labouring under disease of the heart, which, as it yielded at times to the remedies administered, gave occasionally laint hopes of hIs ullimale recovery. A large number of aldermen and councillors assembled at even o'clock on Friday evening, to hold the adjourned Council oeeting on the subject of a new cattle market. It also appeared by a code of bye-laws passed in j he year by the corporation, that that bodv exercised at hat time the sole conlroul over the markets.

ThevavpOlnted cieri; of the markets—an affice which was duly filled down o the death of James Goold, the last clerk, who died a few iears since. We do ordain and agree th t ft 1 oerSoos shall buy any wheat, rye, barley, oats, or beans, or jther grain, better, cheese, capons, or any kind or sort of wild 1 "ow 1, fish, eggs. We do ordain and agree that no person either burgess or foreigner shall buy any grain in the market before the ringing of the bell at twelve o'clock, and that foreigner buy by the space of one whole hour after the bell bo rung as a'oresaid, upon pain of Is 4d for every such offence, one moiety 10 the mayor for the time being, and the other moiety to llu Ivformer.

We do ordain and agree thli no person or per- sons shall leave any horses upon maiket days in the street, to the annoyance of the market, or the danger of any person. We do ordaia and agree that person or per- sons shall sell any kind ol grain, salt, or oatmeal, but by a measure without hoop, and that being allowed by the maycr, and his privy seal to it; and that no countryman or woman shall carry any measure to sell or buy by, within this town hut as aforesaid, upon pain to forfeit 10s for every offence to the common attorneys of this town for the time being, to the use of the commonwealth of this town.

We do ordain and agree that strangers and others that will come tu buy or sell anything upon Tuesdays, at the High Cross above the gale-to be toll free.

We do ordain and agree that no foreign pedlar shall rear, pitch, or set up any tilt within this town upon mar- ket days, otherwise but upon their panniers, or sheets upon the ground upon pain to forfeit for every such offence 6s 8d to the commonwealth of this town. We do ordain and agree that the clerk of the market for the time being shall every Monday morning for ever hereafter bring to the mayor for the time being the three prices of wheat in the market of this town the last Saturday before, and that the mayor shall weekly, according to the middle price of wheat.

Whereas it appeareth to this court, that the toll of ancient time for corn sold in the market house of this town, hath for years last past been lessened and diminished by th, farmers bringing in of samples into the said market, and bakers and others of this town by such samples contract for several quantities of corn to be delivered and measured in their houses, by which practices the several statutes made against forestalling, regrating, and ingrossinj, will be of little use, and the poor of this tONO oppressed, and the toll arising from tin- sale of all corn within this town, which toll by ancient custom of this town is for maintenance of the pooi, will be lost we do order and agree that the biiliffs, constables, and cleik of the market do weekly and every week for the future take notice 0' all such farmers, uttertrs, and vendors of corn that shall bring any sucb to town in order to be sold, and the same be cariied to any private or public house within the libertys of this town.

He believed it was not in the power of the Commissioners under the Newport Improvement Act to remove the car. However ibis opinion might be ret-ened, the Council, under the 90lh section of the 5 h and 6th Willliam IV. Woollett, is a Latin document, about years old, com- prising 1 vast number of sheets.